Sunday, 20 April 2014


It's a little less than 2 weeks until the release of Betrayed: Book 2 -The Road to Redemption!

I find this in-between time nerve wracking.  After months of planning, writing, revising, working on graphics, tweaking, formatting and the plethora of other little steps that go into publishing a novel, its all over.

There's a lull.  I'm not 'talking' to the characters anymore.  I'm not wondering how their relationship will turn out. That's set in stone except for changing a word or two here and there, based on feedback from those who a reading the ARCs.  I'm not writing the blurb or fiddling with the cover art.

I'm waiting.  

And worrying.

And contemplating what the first reviews will say.  

My mind starts to race and my stomach begins to knot as I wonder how the story will be received.  My editor and friend, Jan, reassures me but it's still not quite enough.  As we promote the book with banners and videos and excerpts and giveaways, I begin to think that we're over-hyping the book (if there is such a word).  What if the readers are disappointed?  Will they accept the way the characters' fates play out?  Is there enough angst, enough action, enough romance?  Maybe I should have changed that one scene.  Perhaps I should have read the story over just once more.  A few more tweaks and...

I have to stop myself.

Jan told me she'd quit if I dared to touch the story again so I reluctantly take my fingers away from the laptop keys and close the file.  I try to busy myself with long neglected housework.  I begin to format the book for the paperback version on Createspace.  I try to relax and open myself up to the next set of characters who are stirring the interest of my muse.  

And I wait for release day.


  1. Love you Nicky! All will be well!

  2. Hi nicky,
    just to let you know, i've finished reading this book The Road to Redemption, and it was absolutely beautiful. There aren't many books on female as alpha, and this one had been top of my lists to read since the character Sam was introduced in The Finding. I absolutely loved it.
    Goodluck and My Best Wishes for its success.

    1. Thank you! I'm so glad you liked it! Sam was a lot of fun to write :)

  3. I loved it !!!! I love all your characters but have had a special soft spot for Damien since Bonded. And he couldn't have ended up with someone more worthy. I loved Sam. So inspiring...Thank you. Please let this not be the end of them.

    1. You might very well see Sam and Damien making cameos in future books!

  4. Just finished your last book "The Road to Redemption", fantastic, can't wait for you to write again!!!!